FCC testing help

Many excellent educational resources are available online by individuals and  organizations.  Below are a few links that may be useful to those interested in acquiring a new license or upgrading their current classification.

Testing with instant feedback for your answers at the QRZ Practice Tests for amateur radio exams are free and open to the public. No previous or existing amateur license is required to participate.

These tests keep track of your individual progress and so in order to use them, you must first register or log in with a QRZ User account.

Please note that anybody can have an account on QRZ.  If you are not yet a licensed amateur, simply choose a user name of your liking when you are asked to register with a callsign. Once you have obtained your license, QRZ will change your username to your new callsign.

Log in or Register now.

Note: You do not need to be a licensed ham to become a member. Registration is necessary so that we can remember which test questions you’ve taken and how best to study.

Some great videos by David Casler.

The YouTube channel is called “Ham Radio Answers.” The channel includes videos for Technician, General, and Amateur Extra training. They’re unique on YouTube in that they closely follow the ARRL License Manuals.  The new video series is “Ask Dave!” which answer questions of particular interest to new hams.



More resources for Technician, General and Extra can be found below.
Flash Cards
Question Pools
Practice Exams

Technician Questions and Answers



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