Public Service

The Gateway Amateur Radio Club has an Emergency Communications Response Plan to provide communications support via amateur radio in times of emergency to appropriate agencies in the White County area, including the White County Office of Emergency Management, and to individuals or organizations needing assistance.

Weather Reporting Net ( on repeater at 146.910  down .600 PL 100 )
During outbreaks of severe weather, Doppler radar provides valuable information about conditions aloft but cannot measure actual conditions on the ground. Information reported by local weather observers provides a valuable supplement to radar data for those in the local area, especially local agencies responsible for protecting life and property.
Members of the Gateway Amateur Radio Club (GARC) reside at locations across the county and are able to collect and report valuable weather information to local and regional agencies. They also have the unique capability of being able share and report that information by amateur radio if conventional communication methods fail during a weather event.  The primary purpose of the GARC weather reporting net is to collect and compile reports of  current local weather observations and report them to the White County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) so they can be accessible to first responders and other local agencies and the National Weather Service.  A secondary purpose is to make the information available to local broadcast media, radio amateurs, and others in the local area who are able to receive transmissions of the club’s VHF repeater.

Link to: GARC guide for weather net reporters
Link to: GARC weather reporting net overview
Local Weather Information
Link to:  NOAA Weather Power Pages
Link to:  Weather Forecast
Link to:  Hazardous Weather Outlook

Two local 2 meter repeaters,  Dahlonega 146.835 + 100 and Jasper 146.805 + 100 are connected to the Georgia Linked Repeater System and may be used for reporting severe weather or damage.  You may also call the National Weather Service in Peachtree City with your report at 866-763-4466.  Please be sure to include your Name, Phone number, time of severe weather or damage and location thereof.

Public Library Project
The Gateway Amateur Radio Club provided a set of ARRL books for the Cleveland Public Library.  The publications cover a variety of subjects relative to Amateur Radio and Communications Technology.



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