ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

ARES membership cards will be provided for those who have completed applications and have completed the Georgia ARES Basic Communications Course.
The course is located at:
You will see a link for “Study Material“. After completing your study,
go back and take the 25 question exam online .

Be sure when you fill out the exam info boxes you include the following:
Ares County Affiliation – White
Your Emergency Coordinator’s Name – Alan Sykes
Emergency Coordinator’s Email Address – kr4ae   at   windstream   dot  net

This is a short course and will not take long to complete.
Upon completion of the exam you should receive a prompt email with your results.

You may email KR4AE your results or print them and bring them to a meeting .

ARES membership cards are different than ARES identification badges.  Badges are required to control access to emergency site locations and will require personal to have additional training and a background check. The information in the document listed below will assist Amateurs who wish to acquire ARES identification badges.
Some of the links contained in the document above have be reported to be outdated.
Provided below is a direct link to FEMA for their training courses.
The 4 required courses for ARES badging are:
IS-100 ***
IS-700 ***

*** Note: IS-100 and IS-700 are required by the County to Operate in the E.O.C. radio room during an Emergency.


A link to a copy of the 2015 ARES Manual.
ARES manual 2015

A link to the Georgia State ARES organization.

Georgia Statewide ARES Net:     Sundays – 6:00pm Summer – 5:00pm Winter or 2200 UTC
The digital net is 1/2 hour prior to the voice net or 2130 UTC.


Primary Voice (SSB) Frequency:
3975 KHz

Alternate & Backup Frequencies:
1975 KHz, 3982.5 KHz, 3995 KHz, 5330.5 KHz, 7287.5 KHz
Special modes and frequencies:

3583 KHz Georgia ARES Digital Net (PSK31)
3549 KHz Georgia State Net (CW)

Check for current frequencies and alternates and times for the nets here:


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