D-Star useful websites.

DV dongle Software
The new release is at http://opendstar.org/tools as:

DVToolInstaller-2.0beta5.exe (for Windows)
DVTool-2.0beta5-mac.dmg (for Mac)
DVTool-2.0beta5-linux.tgz (for Linux)

The above is for release to the web site along with the previous info. This is the software and the site to get it from to install and operate the Dongle.

To register your call sign;

To query or find out if you are registered or where a station was last heard use;

Dstar info home page;

Look-up of repeater activity, enter the call sign of the repeater (this one is Stone Mountain);

Look-up of reflector activity, enter the number of the reflector (this one is ref030);

Dstar users last heard site (resets in minutes);

Another repeater activity site if the other doesn’t work (again enter the call sign, this on is Sun City Center, FL);


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