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GARC Membership Application NM Rev July 10 2015

The Gateway Amateur Radio Club serves White
County and surrounding areas. This sheet provides
information about our club and the opportunities it
offers to new and experienced radio amateurs alike,
as well as to those not yet licensed but interested in
learning more about this exciting hobby.
Club Meetings
The club meets on the second Tuesday of every
month at 7:00 pm in the White County Emergency Operations Center
located at 1241 Helen Highway north of downtown Cleveland.
Parking and the entrance  is at the rear of
the building.
In some months we have a business meeting
only; in other months we have a brief business
meeting followed by an informative program.
Members and friends who want to enjoy an
informal meal before the meeting gather at a local
restaurant at 6:00 pm. The location is announced on
the Club Calendar of this website.
Lunch Bunch
Members and others who want to get together for
lunch and informal conversation gather each
Saturday noon at a local restaurant. Restaurants are
visited on a rotation schedule, and the location for a
given Saturday is available on the Club Calendar on this website.
Individuals interested in exploring club
membership are welcomed. The lunch bunch is a
good way to get better acquainted with members
and to share ham radio information.
Club Activities
GARC participates in the ARRL Amateur Radio Field
Day on the fourth full weekend of June each year.
We usually hold a club picnic in the fall and conduct
special event stations when an opportunity
presents itself. Although no current license study
sessions or tests are being conducted, the club can
conduct classes and exams based on need. The club
maintains a complete HF/VHF/UHF station in the
White County EOC radio room for use during
emergencies and club events such as Field Day.
Upon request, member’s preferred email address will be
added to a list used to send announcements of club
meetings and other upcoming events.
There are usually only a few messages per week.
To be added to the list, send your name and
email address to our club using the CONTACT
tab on this website.
Sunday Night Net
The club’s weekly net meets on Sunday nights at
8:30 pm local time on the K4GAR 2-meter repeater.
(See the Repeater section below.). If you have not
had prior experience with ham radio nets, try
listening for a week or two to understand the
procedure, and then begin checking in each week.
The net builds camaraderie and helps club
members become comfortable with net operations.
Emergency Response
The club has a written plan for providing
communication support in times of emergency. We
work closely with the director of the White County
Office of Emergency Management to support the
efforts of other disaster response agencies.
The club operates repeaters on a mountaintop
south of Cleveland. Both cover a wide area centered
on Cleveland, and you should be able to hear and
key the repeater if your radio has been set up
properly with the correct CTCSS tone and if you are
not on the opposite side of a mountain.
The 2-meter repeater transmits on
146.910 MHz with a negative offset of
600 kHz and a PL tone of 100. (In
hamspeak, that’s 146.910- PL 100.)
You are welcome to use the repeaters at any time.
In case of an emergency, repeater use is reserved
for emergency traffic only. Please listen carefully
before you transmit to determine whether the
repeater is in use by others, and keep conversations
to a reasonable length in case others want to use
the system. During a QSO, allow a pause between
transmissions every so often to listen for those
wishing to join in.
Club License K4GAR
The club holds callsign K4GAR and uses it whenever
on-the-air operations are being carried out under
the auspices of the club — for example, during
ARRL Field Day and special event station
operations. It is also used for the club repeaters.
Contact Information
Please direct correspondence to our club using the CONTACT
tab on this website or send it to P.O. Box 691,
Cleveland, GA 30528.

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