Raspberry Pi for Digital and D-Star Setup Cookbook

I wish I could take credit for the information contained here but I can’t.

I’ve only tried to gather information from many sites and put together a cookbook that you could follow to get up and running with the Raspberry Pi.   This is after many failed attempts and head scratching before a lot of the information was published.

Raspberry Pi Setup Cookbook for Digital  modes or with D-Star Access Point.

The Banana Pi looks to be very promising because of a faster processor and more memory, but like the Raspberry Pi when it was first released, there is minimal documentation, and if you don’t speak Linux…

( PHOTOS below )

Below is a DVAP Setup:  Creates a connection to the internet via WiFi to enable D-Star Radio access to the Reflectors and other D-Star operators.  The benefits are:  A Local D-Star repeater is not required.  Your own D-Star operations can be conducted without tying up or changing the public D-Star repeaters.  This can be totally mobile using a cellular HotSpot .


PSK Setup:  This arrangement allows portable operation for PSK31 and other digital modes via battery with a low power drain.  Great for camping,  SOTA (Summits On The Air)  and Field Day.

RaspPi digital



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