The most popular mode and frequencies:
Select the BPSK31 mode and scan frequencies near 14.070 kHz.
However you will also find PSK31 activity on the other bands in the “data” areas of the band plan for HF frequencies.

Below are some of the areas to scan.

3.580 MHz
7.070 MHz
10.140 MHz
21.070 MHz
28.120 MHz

Which Sideband To Use?
Most people select USB for all bands.

It will not matter which sideband you use to work BPSK31 signals. You can work any BPSK signal that the PSK31 software displays in the “waterfall” window.

Your USB sideband filter will pass all signals within 2 to 2.7 perhaps to 3 kHz above the displayed frequency on your transceiver, so using the area 1.5 and below might be recommended.  To scan a little higher just change your base frequency about 500 Hz at a time.

45 PSK31 signals can squeeze in a 1500 Hz area of the waterfall.
If a signal within the passband is very strong your transceiver AGC may reduce the RF gain and wipe out the weaker PSK31 signals.
Since the PSK31 signal is quite narrow, strong signals interference can be helped with narrow IF filters if your rig has them.

If you have a SDR receiver or transceiver you can modify the passband with the SDR software “filters”.

More information can be found at the links below:

PSK31 Guide

PSK31 Software

Wiki for PSK31


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